Aircraft Bulk Cargo Interior

Fibre-metal laminates (FML) is an advanced hybrid material system consisting of metal layers bonded with fibre-reinforced polymer layers.

FML’s offer significant improvements in weight savings and durability in airframe structures which are highly fatigue resistant materials. The impact behaviour with respect to traditional composite materials is significantly improved.

In addition the fire properties are better than standard applied materials, e.g. glass fibre phenol combinations.

FML’s are very suited for bulk cargo floor panels and liners.

GTM is developing new floor panels based on this technology.

Next to cargo flooring, liners and side panels are being developed, based on this technology, for both commercial and military applications.

GTM develops these products according to specifications provided by customers, and qualifies the products to these specifications (mechanical, fire properties etc.). Together with our customers we come with solutions to deliver a product that is better than products out on the market today, including low cost production.